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WSRC Tactical 2 Gun Sponsored by TS

September 3, 2018

Are you sick of how the USPA is set up for just run and gun or maybe you don’t like how the 3 gun competitions are about the same as USPA and they throw in using a shotgun.  Maybe you have taken some training classes and wonder how you would do clearing a room or working your guns under stress.

These questions and more are why the guys at Tactical Shit got with Bart Carson, the manager of the World Shooting and Recreation Complex, to start developing a Tactical 2 gun program about 5 years ago.

The premise is simple.  Set up a match where the hits count and the penalties are stiff.  Instead of the traditional A zone, B zone, ect.  You have a no penalty zone, shaped like a bowling pin, and then a hit outside of the bowling in is the Penalty Zone or PZ adds time to your score and just like in golf at the end of the day the lowest score wins.  They also have targets that have “body armor” and targets that are suicide bombers that neutralize everything, including you inside a 15 ft radius.


One of the current problems with 2 gun matches is there is no standardization/ governing body like there is with USPSA so the rules vary from club to club.

The differences don’t stop there.  In the combat division you aren’t allowed a walkthrough of the stage so just like in a real world situation you have to go into the stage not knowing where the targets/bad guys and the non-threats are.  Some could be set up as typical no shoot targets some could be set up with a gun as a threat target.  Just for a great curveball some should have a gun painted on the target but have a badge which makes it a cop and a no shoot target with stiffer penalties.

There are more differences than I can go over in this article but I am attaching a video that Bart and the TS guys made a couple of months ago.  1 thing that makes this match different for the race class vs. a 3 gun match is that all shooters are required to have a sling for the rifles as there is multiple times that you have to transfer back and forth from rifle to pistol.



      Race Division Classes: Factory, Practical, Open

·         Factory: 3GN rules

·         Practical: 3GN rules

·         Unlimited: 3GN rules

·         Heavy: 3GN rules

Combat Division Classes: Recon, Trooper, Juggernaut, SWAT

·         Recon: chest rig required

·         Trooper: plate carrier with front and rear plates required, 25 pounds of gear to start match

·         Juggernaut: plate carrier with front, and rear plates, hydration, helmet, and 50 pounds of gear to start match

·         SWAT: LE only, active shooter gear

HEAVY Subclass: for all classes in Combat division

·        7.62×51 (.308) and larger caliber required

·         Scoring hits: 1 hit in neutralization zone or 2 anywhere else on target

·         Defeatable target requires 1 hit to defeat “cover”

·         Explosive target requires 1 hit to “detonate” target


·        Zone Neutralization Targets will be used as the primary paper target

·        Reactive steel targets will be used, and steel must fall to be scored

·        Static steel targets will be used, and will require 2 hits unless COF states otherwise

·        Clay birds will be used in a variety of ways and must be “hit” to count

·        Other types of targets may be used from time to time with the COF determining “hits”

·        The color GREEN will simulate defeatable cover for rifle calibers ONLY

·         The color RED will simulate explosives for all calibers

·         Badge on target will represent LE

·         Two painted hands on target will represent No-shoot

·         Any target with weapon on it will be shoot target, unless target has a badge


·        Paper targets will require two hits on paper, unless COF states otherwise

·        Reactive steel will be required to “fall” to count as hit

·        Static steel will require two hits, unless COF states otherwise

·        “Defeatable cover” (green targets) will require 4 hits,2 hits in green area to defeat “cover” plus 2 more hits in green area to defeat target

·         “Explosive targets” (red targets) will require 2 hits to detonate the “explosive” and neutralize every target in a 15’ radius or the entire room that it is in

·         Paper targets will be scored as: Hit area = 0 seconds

                 PZ (Penalty Zone) = 5 seconds

MOT(Miss on Target) = 10 seconds

·         FTE (Failure to Engage) = 40 seconds

·         NS (No shoot) = 30 seconds

·         Mandatory Reload = 10 seconds

·         General Procedural = 5 seconds

·         Failure to Retain Mag = 10 seconds

·         Cover = 10 seconds

·         Self-Destruction = 60 seconds

·         Hit on LE = 60 seconds

So earlier this summer when I started seeing information about these matches pop up I decided to look into it and invite a couple guys I shoot with to join me going to the September match. We gave ourselves some time to make sure we had the right equipment needed and understood what exactly we were getting into.  Patrick, from the 1-5 drill, was one of those guys and then I invited Derrick, another guy we shoot with who is into 3 gun.  Patrick and I shot in the combat division in the recon class that required us to have a chest rig of some sort.  Derrick chose to shoot his 3 gun setup minus the shotgun so he shot the race class.  This was actually my 1st match of any kind where I would be shooting a rifle.  I typically have just did pistol competitions.


It should be noted here that the race class has the option for a stage walk through.  I will give derrick credit he did not do any walkthroughs choosing to go into the stage blind like the rest of us.  His reasoning was he felt this could help his 3 gun stage breakdown if he could learn to do it on the fly.

Note I am listing the stages in the order my squad shot them in.

Stage 1


Stage 1 had 13 pistol and 13 rifle targets.  Sounds simple but this stage is what they called the skill builder stage which they do something different every match.  We had a tire we had to drag down the range and engage 2 targets on the left side and 2 targets on the right side as we were moving with another target at the far end of the burm.  Penalties were added if shots were taken while not moving.  We used the rifle going down and the pistol on the way back.

Stage 2


Stage 2 was a fun stage.  We started at the low ready with the rifle, rifle was hot pistol just had a magazine in but no round chambered and you will see why in a minute.  We had to break 6 clay pigeons ranging from 4” orange and white clays to a 1” black clay that was almost impossible to see at a distance of about 30ish yards then transition to the other side of the burm and repeat.  We then had to make the rifle safe and store it.  This is where it got fun.  We then had to go through a tunnel that had over/under boards inside the tunnel come out on the other side charge our pistol and engage 3 more paper targets each with a body armor drill and could only shoot 3 rounds per target, basically Virginia scoring with the pistol.   This ended up being one of my better stages, I was running a  1-6x scope on my rifle so the longer targets were easier to hit.  The guys with the iron sights tended to struggle a bit more.

Stage 3

Stage 3 was probably my favorite stage of the match.  The scenario was you were doing a breach on a trailer and had to clear the trailer and the backyard.  What’s not to love on shooting a stage like that?  This stage was also humbling because I failed to engage one target that was behind a corner I didn’t check.

Stage 4

Stage 4 was one of the more straight forward stages but ended up throwing some guys for a loop.  We had 2 racks of 6 steel targets each that we had to engage with the pistol.  I saw guy shoot nearly an entire magazine at each of these racks.  I was lucky enough to go 12/12 on them.  We saw 2 guys get DQ on this stage back to back for breaking the 180. 

Talking with Bart and a couple of the other regular shooters afterward it is not uncommon to have the swat or military guys shooting the match break the 180 because they are used to working in a 360 environment.

Stage 5


Stage 5, was the blind stage of the match so we all were left in the bay next to the stage and were brought over 1 at a time to run the stage.  Every match has 1 blind stage like this.   This one they took the rifles and placed in the stage somewhere, ended up being inside a van for me, and our pistols were unloaded on a table.  We started the stage as a hostage sitting in a chair with a throwing knife, did I mention that they throw a curveball into each match and this one was a throwing knife.  The knife was only usable on the HVT target and we only got 1 throw, most did not make the knife stick including myself.  We then had to load our pistol and clear the stage up to and including shooting hostage takers in the head behind a car and simulating shooting out the tires on the car which were steel poppers.  If it sounds like there was a lot going on with this stage it’s because there was.   It was almost information overload for me trying to process the entire stage correctly.


So how did Patrick, Derrick, and I do?  I ended up 3rd out of 10 shooters on day 1 with Patrick being 7th and Derrick being 8th.  After the shooters on day 2 I fell to 17th with Patrick being 26th and Derrick being 31st out of 35 shooters.  This being our 1st match I think we all did very well.  The PZ hits for me added 160 seconds onto my overall score.



1st and foremost this was a fun match and I will be going back in the future but probably not every match as counting drive time it was about a 15 hour s for me to meet the guys go to the match shoot it and come back home.  I would love to see ranges that have the facilities and equipment to do something like this get with Bart.

The way this match is setup it takes everyone out of their comfort zone but do it in a safe way which I believe is one of the goals that they had when they developed the match. You have decisions to make on the fly which most civilians are not use to.  The Military and LEO guys have to remember the 180 rule   which takes them out of their environment.

The curveball of having the cop targets seems to get most people.  It got Patrick who didn’t see the badge sticker on the lower part of the target and proceeded to dump the last 6 shots of his rifle mag into the cop target.  Common Pat I didn’t take you for a cop killer geez.

Is it for you?

If you have never shot any type of match requiring movement with a firearm or do not have any type of training that includes moving safely with a loaded firearm, most IL CCW classes I would not consider firearm training, I would recommend doing so before going to a match like this.  Most people are not near as proficient as they think they are with firearms.  So take your ego out of the equation and be safe.

If you have competed and know how to move with a loaded firearm and understand the match safety rules then what the hell are you waiting for? 

The matches are typically the 2nd weekend of the month at the World Shooting and Recreation Complex in Sparta, IL.  Cost for the match was $20.  Round count for this match was listed at 150 rifle and 50 pistol if you didn’t miss.  I would advise bringing an extra 50-100 rounds per gun to each match just in case you miss, it happens, or something goes wrong and you have a reshoot.  This is my personal standard for a match or class.

2 Responses to WSRC Tactical 2 Gun Sponsored by TS

  1. Randall Gustafson on September 3, 2018 at 12:46 pm

    Thank you for the coverage of this great event.  Looking forward to seeing more of the viewers of this out there. 

  2. Steve C Filla on September 3, 2018 at 7:39 pm

    Nice write up.

    Thanks for giving a “first timers” view on the match. 

    Bart and his crew have always put on great matches that keep getting better each time.

    I plan to try this Tactical 2 gun ASAP.