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REFactor IQ and Essentials Target

September 18, 2018

Tired of just using the same bullseye target every time you visit the range?  Maybe you are just getting bored with the USPSA style carboard targets or are you just getting bored with the targets that you have?

REFactor tactical has come up with some interesting target sheet designs that not only work up close for pistol and even CQB rifle work but can be great target identification training targets at long range. 

Want to know more? … Lets take a look.

First up we have the 23×35 IQ target sheets.



The IQ target sheet has up to 24 different t targets:  Different colors, shapes, number and letter combinations.  The one I was using the average size of each target is 3”.  This size is about as close to perfect as you can get for up close pistol work or using them as rifle targets at 50, 100, 200 or even 300 yards if you and your rifle are capable of doing so.  They do offer a 5” version that is more suitable for using a rifle in CQB situations but you will cut your target count in half.

So what can you do with this target.  There are a few different triaining games.  One being what is called the numbers game.  Turn up range and on the go command turn facing uprange draw and engage the color or shape that your training partner has called out with the number of rounds in that target.  Sounds simple because it is but add in the stress of the dreaded timer or put a par time on the drill and you have a drill that can make for some very frustraited shooters.

Hey we grow through struggle so quit being frustraited and start shooting better/faster.

Want to have some real fun.  Get the long guns out and place this target out at 100 yards or further.  Then you and a buddy play horse with it changing shooting posistions each time.  One guy is shooting the other guy is calling out the target.   Let the trash talking commence if you play this game.

Speaking of games.  Don’t try it.  There are multiple patterns/combinations for both the 3” and 5” targets.  Switch them out to keep everybody honest.

The second target that we used is the Essentials Target sheets.



There is a lot going on with these targets so much so that REFactor actually came up with a 150 round pistol drill that you can do with just this 1 sheet.  There are a total of 16 targets on this 1 sheet.

We have actually found this target to not only be a fun pistol target but to also be great for stress/timed long range shooting drills.  Notice that #15 on the target is a 1” square.  We all have that buddy that swears up and down  he has a 1” gun.  Time to prove it?

Speaking of Billy Badasses.  Whats better than having 1 drill specific to this target?  Why  its having 2.  Back on April 12th of this year REFactor posted the kill card callenge and it’s a sumbitch.


From the 5 yard line.

Draw your gun shoot 2 rounds into the #1 circle

Reload and shoot 4 rounds into the #7 A zone

Reload 1 more time and put your last 2 rounds into the #12

Oh and 1 more thing all reloads have to be done from slide lock.

Shoot this on video in under 7 seconds clean and you got yourself the RE Factor tactical patch which is not sold it is earned.  Currently there have only been 19 patches issues with a top time of 5.35 seconds.


The REFactor IQ and Essentials Target sheets are some of the best shooting targets I have found.  They give you challenges up close, at distance and break up what can become boring range time.  

3 Responses to REFactor IQ and Essentials Target

  1. Lucas on September 19, 2018 at 9:09 am

    Ha ha.  Have you seen how people shoot in indoor ranges?  

    They post up a full-size silhouette target, roll it out to about 10 or 15 yards – because no self-respecting man would shoot at a target closer! – then lean back and spray rounds kind of center of mass in a group that looks like it was shot with a 12 gauge derringer.  Or a slingshot.

    Sadly, this target's maker is marketing their product to the 2% who can shoot.  Which is a narrow customer base.

  2. David Deplorable on September 20, 2018 at 8:02 am

    I have shot these before in classes.  They called them discrimination targets.