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Guns Save Life OPPOSES HB-2354, the latest version of the “Snitch Bill”

May 13, 2018


Democrat Kathleen Willis, a big fan of gun control, keeps bringing out revisions to her beloved Lethal Violence Order of Protections bill HB-2354.  Yes, the bill Richard Pearson of ISRA dubbed the “Snitch Bill” over its original provisions to allow anonymous complaints against gun owners in an effort to strip them of their gun rights without due process.

The original bill featured the usual cast of gun-grabbing Democrats signing on as sponsors.  Subsequent amendments narrowed the scope of those who may file for these orders to family and police officers.  With these changes, the bill has picked up a number of Republican co-sponsors

  4/26/2018 House House Floor Amendment No. 1 Filed with Clerk by Rep. Kathleen Willis
  4/26/2018 House House Floor Amendment No. 1 Referred to Rules Committee
  4/26/2018 House Chief Co-Sponsor Changed to Rep. Peter Breen
  4/26/2018 House Chief Co-Sponsor Changed to Rep. Peter Breen
  4/26/2018 House Chief Co-Sponsor Changed to Rep. Steven Reick
  4/26/2018 House Added Co-Sponsor Rep. David S. Olsen
  4/26/2018 House Added Co-Sponsor Rep. Marcus C. Evans, Jr.
  4/27/2018 House Rule 19(a) / Re-referred to Rules Committee
  5/8/2018 House Approved for Consideration Rules Committee; 004-000-000
  5/8/2018 House Placed on Calendar Order of 3rd Reading – Short Debate
  5/8/2018 House Final Action Deadline Extended-9(b) May 25, 2018
  5/8/2018 House House Floor Amendment No. 1 Rules Refers to Judiciary – Criminal Committee
  5/9/2018 House House Floor Amendment No. 2 Filed with Clerk by Rep. Kathleen Willis
  5/9/2018 House House Floor Amendment No. 2 Referred to Rules Committee
  5/10/2018 House Added Co-Sponsor Rep. Mark Batinick
  5/10/2018 House Added Co-Sponsor Rep. Grant Wehrli
  5/10/2018 House Added Co-Sponsor Rep. Steven A. Andersson
  5/10/2018 House Added Co-Sponsor Rep. Stephanie A. Kifowit

The bolded co-sponsors are Republicans.

Rumor has it that one group in Illinois may come out neutral on the bill if they have not already.  And there's also rumor that the NRA is facing pressure to go neutral as well.

Guns Save Life remains steadfastly opposed to this bill and here's why:

This bill remains ripe for abuse. 

How do we know?  Easy.  Illinois’ existing Protective Orders are widely abused, particularly when couples find themselves involved in the turmoil of breakups.  One party will file a dubious complaint against the other party in an effort to secure a bargaining chip for use in negotiations for property settlements or child custody matters.  Once one side in a divorce has the power of the state behind them, it's an expensive and burdensome process to undo that – even if the original complaint was utterly without merit.

More than one judicial candidate has publicly lamented at Guns Save Life meetings on the high percentage of probably bogus protective order applications.

Yes, committing perjury under oath remains a felony in Illinois.  Yet, some judges believe that as many as one third of all protective order applications are baseless and without merit.

There’s nothing in this new bill that will come even close to guaranteeing the legitimacy of the filings seeking these protective orders.  

More importantly, there’s nothing in this bill that cannot be provided under current Illinois law.  

Furthermore, police officers who have a reasonable and articulable suspicion that an individual is a threat to themselves or others doesn’t need to jump through this cumbersome process.  Police can act immediately under current law to begin an involuntary mental health committal process or affect an arrest if circumstances merit those actions to protect the public or the individual in question.

Guns Save Life will continue to oppose this bill because it opens up gun owners to the potential for great legal expense to defend against unfounded, baseless allegations.  

Come back and see us when the bill is amended to include criminal and civil (financial) liability for those making unfounded complaints while at the same time providing meaningful protections not currently available under Illinois law and we can negotiate something.  Until then, GSL opposes.

5 Responses to Guns Save Life OPPOSES HB-2354, the latest version of the “Snitch Bill”

  1. peewee on May 13, 2018 at 9:48 pm

    I hope every one of you are sharing this information with every one you know. Democrats need to be voted out of office in Illinois. 

    The only issues they have are gun control and higher taxes. 

    • Doc L on May 13, 2018 at 10:17 pm

      And sanctuary city chicago for the illegals.

  2. SE Texas on May 13, 2018 at 10:12 pm
  3. Tom Kluck on May 14, 2018 at 8:08 pm

    This is email I sent to my local State Rep.

    Bill Status of HB2354  


    Representative Grant Wehrli (R)
    41st District

    Please reconsider the pending bill to oppose.

    This bill is an over reach.

    The currently laws should be used to separate a violent person from causing harm to self or others (jail).  Issuing an order of protection to remove and separate a person from their guns is a  lazy way to "solve" a preconceived issue.

    It is way too opinionated and subjective to some "expert" "Law enforcement" or quarreling relative.

    Instead of creating broad coverage laws to prevent all people from exercising their rights…..

    How about creating a bill that addresses the mental health treatment of individuals that are desperately in need of help?  Let's address the real problem.

    All we ever hear is how there is a march to prevent guns violence or oppose guns … take them off the streets etc. etc., blah blah blah.

    Let's talk about the lack of State funding to operate mental health facilities.

    The old Tinley Park Health facility is a wasteland.  It's a state embarrassment.

    I look forward to your respaonse.

    Thank You.




  4. peewee on May 14, 2018 at 9:37 pm

    We dont need more money for mental health; what we need are less Democrats holding office in Illinois 

    If your pro-life, stop voting Democrat. Pro-gun then stop voting democrat. Want or support lower taxes and less government then STOP voting Democrat.

    Also make sure the republicans understand their future is based on their support of the 2A

    Gun owners must remain engaged by supporting their issue the 2A. 

    we dont need any more stupid half-cocked laws, we need a stronger 2A. The Founding Fathers are still not proven wrong about their view of a strong 2A.

    Its the checks and balance that is needed not more stupid laws!

    I say dump Dicks and every business or organization or church that is anti-gun. To H E L L with them. 

    But you must tell everyone you know that owns a gun or beleives in liberty; They MUST VOTE in support of their cause; the 2A