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GONE VIRAL: Daddy’s little sharpshooter

April 18, 2017

Photo via Bearing Arms

In the video description, dad writes, “I was practicing drawing from holster and dry fire drills and she decided to join in."  Sweet, indeed.

Yes, it's adorable.  Dad practicing his dry firing skills with his little girl who practices with her own gun – a plastic training pistol.  The toddler does a remarkably good job at muzzle control – better than some adults I've seen on the ranges around me.  He's modeling good behavior and safe gun handling skills to his little girl.  No doubt when she gets older, she'll not even think twice about exhibiting proper gun safety thanks to what she's learning now.

She'll also be a good shot.  And twenty years down the road, she won't be abused as a young woman, either.  After all, you can't beat a girl that shoots!

Of course, after he posted the video on YouTube, the rabid leftists completely lost their marbles.  The raw hatred from these miserable statists vomited out from their mouths like projectile vomit.