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April 21, 2018

If you haven’t figured it out yet there has been a method to the madness we have been using in our selection of Drills of the month.  1st we had to humble you with Dot torture, just got a 49/50 @ 3 yards so beat that John Boch and Steve Davis.  Then we had to twist the knife with the 3 in 1 drill, always a good time.  After that we helped you get into a rythem with the thousandths drill from http://s2strategic.com/.   We hinted last month that you will be shooting at an index card and paper plate, very versatile and cheap targets to use at the range.  If you missed any of those drills I have posted links to them at the bottom of the page.

By now you are probably going what madness will they come up with this month?   The answer to that is can you shoot F.A.S.T?  F.A.S.T stands for Fundamentals, Accuracy,  & Speed Test.   This drill was designed by Todd Green from http://pistol-training.com/.  It incorporates a lot into a very low round count drill.  You have the draw, a speed reload and if you are up for it you are adding the stress of the shot timer which can screw even a seasoned shooter up.

 This drill will be shot at 7 yards.  You will need a holster, 2 mags, 6 rounds, ear and eye protection, a 3×5 index card if all you can find is the 4”x6” use it, and a paper plate.  You can also run this drill timed but don’t think you have to do it off of the bat. 

Don’t have a shot timer?  That’s fine download the Splits app.


I have been using this app for the last couple of months and as long as my phone is not in my pocket it does a pretty good job at picking up the shots in an outdoor environment.  I have seen reports that this app does not work indoors and since you will be going from the holster and doing a speed reload for this drill most indoor ranges will not allow you to do this type of drill.  So if you are going to try to do this at an indoor range please check with the RO first.

Load 2 rounds into 1 mag and 4 rounds into the other.  Set the index card as the top target and the paper plate as the lower one.  You want them spaced out so that they are about the distance between the forehead, index card, and upper chest, paper plate.

Backup to 7 yards, load the mag with 2 rounds into the gun first and holster.   On the buzzer, if you are using a shot timer or the splits app or go command if you are not draw and put 2 rounds into the index card.  Then from slide lock perform a speed reload and put the 4 rounds into the paper plate.

If you are timing yourself, which I highly recommend, here is a breakdown of skill levels from the time on this drill.

·         10+ seconds: Novice

·         less than 10 seconds: Intermediate

·         less than 7 seconds: Advanced

·         less than 5 seconds: Expert


Tip:  When you draw slow down and find that front sight.  I actually have faster times when I do this.

Routinely my times for this drill are between 5.5, on a good run, 6.5 seconds with an average time of about 6.3-6.4 seconds.  Here are my times from the last trip to the range.  And no I did not actually figure up the averages but as you can see my estimates are not far off.

 Fast-5 Fast-4

Fast-3 Fast-2

Now bonus points for those of you using the shot timer or app.  Look at the times.  What are they telling you?  What do you mean what are they telling me? Let’s take a look at my times.

My 1st shot is always around 1.5 seconds.  I need to get that down to about 1 second flat.  My reloads take about 2.5 seconds and I would like to get that down below 2 seconds at the very least. My shot splits are about .5 seconds I would like to get that down to about .3 seconds.   So just from looking at the timer I know what I need to work on.  If I am able to make these improvements then I can take that 6.3-6.4 second average and bring it down to I don’t know a 5.3-5.4 average with some of those times being sub 5 seconds.

John Boch, Steve Davis and the rest of the GSL board members and area directors show us what you guys can do with this drill.