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Don’t let your pride or your ego get you killed!!!!

April 29, 2018

When was the last time you TRAINED with your firearm?  A day?  A week? A month?  Or was it just the 16 hour required ccw class and its 4 years later and you haven’t been to the range since?  Have you really put you and your equipment through the ringer or do you just know that it ran the 30 rounds required for the shooting test?

Complacency is going to get you killed.  Here are some of the most common EXCUSES I have been hearing lately.

 Well I don’t have the time to go to the range?  You don’t have time not to!!!  You have jumped through the hoops to get your ccw and you are letting your gun and your skills collect dust.

Well I have been around firearms my entire life; I know what I am doing.  This is a BS cop out and you know it.  Look at my low light class last fall. Here is the article, http://www.gunssavelife.com/action-report-point-impact-low-light-class-2017/

 Guys having their handguns fall out of their holsters because they weren’t paying attention when they reholstered and their coat got in the way.  That tells me right there, and it should tell them they weren’t training.  If they had been training they would have known that this is an issue you have got to address.

Oh I don’t want to take a class or go to a competition because I don’t want to embarrass myself.   Face palm.  So you would rather take your chances when your life depended on it than embarrass yourself in front of people who are more than willing to help you out?  In what world does that make since?

Notice that I used TRAINED in my 1st line.  This does not mean going out and blasting away a box of ammo because it’s a rush and shooting guns is cool.  Training is about not only developing your skill set but improving on your weaknesses.

What you don’t have any weaknesses, I call BS on this everyone does from the soccer mom who chooses to exercise her right to defend herself and her children to the tier 1 guys who take it upon themselves to defend all of us.   When was the last time you shot support/weak hand only?  Do you not want to know if you can shoot with your support/weak hand?  Why wouldn’t you want to have this type of information?

Some people don’t understand the difference between blowing away rounds and making rounds count.  That is why we have started the DOTM articles to help show people how to train.  We have not chosen these drills randomly either.  If you haven’t noticed there has been a progression with them and that is by design.

Training can and should be fun but it should be a wakeup call to what you need to work on.  Look at my latest DOTM.  Better yet here is the article. 


Go ahead and read it we will be here when you get back….

Welcome back

I posted my actual times and then took the time to analyze for everyone what they were telling me I needed to work on.    Other than John Boch and the guy I train with I have yet to see a result submitted for one of these drills.

Finding out you aren’t as good as you thought you were sucks.  People inherently want to do things they are good at and avoid the things they are bad at.


The guy in my low light class should have known that you clear your clothing before you reholster.  This is not something you even need to go to the range to figure out.  This could have been seen in his home when he trained drawing from the holster and then reholstered.  No trip to the range needed.

Training pays dividends not only on your skill set but on what equipment you choose to use.  Perfect example is a universal nylon holster that some people try to use for CCW.  The holster will not stay open after you draw your gun so when you go to reholster guess what it’s collapsed and you have to use your hand to open it back up and people usually muzzle themselves when this happens.  Great now your equipment is causing you to potentially cause a self inflicted gunshot wound to your hand.  People your hands are the best tools you will ever have, protect them.


GSL’s motto is we defend your right to defend yourself.  What GSL can’t do is give you the skills needed to defend yourself.  That one is on you.