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GSL Leadership

Eric “Bear” St. Pierre, President
Adrienne Logue, Vice President
Larry Shurbet, Treasurer
Secretary currently vacant
David Pike, Immediate Past President

Executive Staff
John Boch, Executive Director
Tammy Williams, Executive Secretary



Eric “Bear” St. Pierre.


Adrienne Logue, Vice President



Larry Shurbet
Larry is Treasurer of Champaign County Rifle Assn / GunsSaveLife.com. Larry grew up in the foothills of the Arbuckle Mountains in South Central Oklahoma. Like most of us, he was provided with great role-models via his parents, grandparents, school teachers and church mentors as he learned compassion, honor, commitment and sacrifice as many of them had lived and experienced as far back as at least the Revolutionary War, Spanish American War, WWI, The American Depression, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, etc.

Larry loves guns and was indoctrinated to guns pretty early. At about age 6 he received his first BB gun and at about age 8 his first 22 cal. rifle. Larry’s dad taught him about gun safety, shooting, hunting, fishing and the outdoors; he taught him to work hard, play hard, be honest and make good choices. Also, Larry’s dad had honorably served our Country while in the U.S. Army in Europe during WW II.

After Larry graduated High School, he attended college and worked. During Vietnam Era, Larry joined the U.S. Air Force. In his training shooting firearms, he scored expert on marksmanship and served in Personnel, Personal Affairs, Security Police Specialist and Special Operations; honorably discharged, Larry returned to Rantoul area to wed his wife Joan. Larry and his lovely bride Joan have been happily married over 38 years. They have been blessed to have a beautiful daughter, son-in-law and three grandson’s.

Larry, attended Parkland, the University of Illinois, graduated from Eastern IL University. Larry was employed by IL Dept. of Corrections; Managed Developmental Services Center; and owned Home Health Care Companies in East Central IL and Southern IN.

Larry invests his time in Christian faith, family, friends and activities. In addition to being Treasurer of CCRA/GunsSaveLife.com and overseeing receivables and payables, he helps to recruit and maintain memberships, and coordinates other efforts as needed. He is a Member of Danville Rifle & Pistol Club, DeWitt County Sportsmans Club, IL St. Rifle Assn, Foosland Sportsmans Club, N.R.A., and a member of St. Joseph Sportsman Club. Larry is a Master Mason, a Board Member of Thomasboro Grade School, and previously coordinated Thomasboro Neighborhood Watch Program and Special Projects.

Larrys spends makes time to shoot firearms and helping to indoctrinate new shooters interested in shooting about safe handling firearms, knowing their firearms and shooting them safely and correctly.


Tammy Williams, Secretary.





David Pike, Immediate Past President.
David Pike is currently president and owner of Agricultural Information Research Service Inc, an independent crop consulting service after 8 years of experience as an extension specialist at the University of Illinois. He received his Ph.D. in Weed Science from the University of Illinois in 1989. From 1970 to 1978 he served in the United States Air Force with two overseas tours.

Dr Pike’s interests include firearms, amateur radio, gardening, economics, wood working, engine mechanics, and just about anything else that will keep him busy.  He has been a Scoutmaster for the BSA for 4 different troops and often works with youth groups.  He has a wife and 5 grown sons. His latest interest is reloading handgun ammo.


Dave Clark




Roger Dorsett

A nationally semi-famous Ruger aficionado, former gun dealer and area gun show fixture nicknamed “Roger Ruger”, he’s now retired from his day job as a furniture and upholstery craftsman but nowhere near retired from his love of firearms – especially Rugers.  Known in show circles not only from his decades-long presence, but also for his magnificent Ruger display (which he built from scratch) that’s won about every award given at the national shows.  Extremely active in Guns Save Life (former president), the Illini Country Friends of NRA, Ruger Collector’s Association and others.  Married to wife Priscilla and loves to dote on his kids and grandkids.


John Gahm

Raised near Pontiac, John’s first memories of guns is going along with his Dad and Grandpa while Phesant hunting.  John has great memories of learning to shoot hedge apples with Grandpa’s 12 gauge double barrel shotgun but what hooked him was the single shot .22 rifle at Boy Scout Camp.
John graduated from Saunemin High School 1971. Enjoyed a 35 year career in construction, spending the last 12 of those years traveling all over the U.S.A. as a Superintendent/Project Manger. He was a Reserve Deputy Sheriff with Livingston County and volunteer Firefighter/EMT for 25 years, serving as Fire chief in Saunemin for 11 years.
John is President of Vermillion Players Theatre organization in Pontiac and helps with running lights, building sets, and can be found onstage occasionally. Other interests besides shooting include his double yellow headed Amazon parrot Casey, his cat Mufassa, and his reef aquarium.
As a newest member of the GSL board, he wants to continue spreading the important message of our rights as gun owners.


Mindy Gardner




Troy Hinds

I am an American Patriot.
I am a Conservative Republican.
I am no longer a law enforcement officer.
I am an avid 2nd Amendment rights advocate.
I am a pain in the anti-gunners’ rear ends.
I am a Spina Bifida survivor.
I am a fiance to a firearms-loving woman who can shoot.
I am the son of a Navy veteran father.
I am the grandson of a distinguished WWII veteran.
I own firearm and shoot whenever I’ve got ammo.
I believe in the principles of our Founding Fathers.
I believe Reagan was the greatest and Obama the worst.
I believe that patriotism is NOT dead in America!
and I am….  The Truth About Guns!


George Irick


Lou McClellan

Born and raised in Urbana. His first “real” job was as a staff photographer for the Champaign-Urbana Courier covering the anti-war demonstrations locally while attending the University of Illinois.  Later he earned an M.S. in Journalism.  Today he specializes in Portrait and Commercial Photography with Jerry Thompson at Thompson-McClellan Commercial Photographers.  He lives in Champaign with his wife, Anni and daughter, Kylian.  His hobbies include making knives and wooden bows.


Kent Metzger




Dean Rothermel


Steve Schnurbusch





Peter Wheeler

Born in Connecticut, started out as a private investigator / celebrity bodyguard, dabbled in the financial market, then started a series of companies in the automotive maintenance field, of both conventional equipment and new, cutting-edge processes. Retired in 1992 and went back and got his bachelor’s in philosophy.  In addition to guns, he loves advanced motorsport technology (building (and racing) racing vehicles), aerodynamics, commercial flying and of course, all things that go boom. He enjoys his life with his saintly wife and his boy genius son. They enjoy their family pets, a 118 lb Rottweiler and a mutt.



Executive Staff

John Boch, Executive Director

A few years after graduating the University of Illinois, John found a tiny, local group of gun owners who met monthly in the basement of a restaurant in Urbana. They met as the predecessor organization to the predecessor organization that later became Guns Save Life.

Among those people there were some incredibly talented shooters and instructors who learned more about John’s passion for shooting and nurtured him into becoming a personal protection instructor, among them another long-time NRA and IDNR instructor (and local attorney) Paul Vallandigham.  John did so in 1997ish, and began holding NRA Personal Protection classes right away – back when NRA Personal Protection was basically the NRA Basic Pistol class plus self-defense tactics and legal considerations that were John’s passion. Soon, he and similarly interested John Naese settled into Darnall’s Gun Works and Ranges in Bloomington and both continued to learn and grow as instructors, sharing their passion with hundreds of students in those early years.

As a firearms instructor, he’s helped instruct thousands of adults and kids over the years as an NRA-certified Rifle, Pistol and Personal Protection in the Home instructor, a US Rifleman’s Association Rifle and Pistol instructor, an Appleseed instructor-in-training and a Live Free USA survival instructor.

If you hadn’t guessed, he’s married to guns, but not only as an instructor, but also as a gun rights activist and a student of the gun.

John served as vice-president for over a dozen years before taking them helm as president in 2010.  The non-profit saw membership grew over 300% during his two terms at the helm.  Also in that time, GSL expanded from one meeting location each month to four, and enjoyed numerous national and even international news splashes.  Accepted a position as GSL’s Executive Director in 2015 with the goal of continuing growth of GSL and promoting gun rights for all Illinoisans.

His training began with Massad Ayoob’s Lethal Force Institute, the 40-hour “Holy Grail” of national firearms classes, which teaches not only advance defensive pistolcraft, but legal considerations of using deadly force. Paul Vallandigham, an LFI-grad and adjunct legal instructor, raved over the class and told John to take it. John did and shot a 299/300 on the qualification, meriting only #3 in a class filled with outstanding shooters.  Since then, he’s been to almost two dozen other schools and classes.

He’s also the published author of hundreds of articles on self-defense strategies, firearms use, defensive mindset and product reviews. He’s also (legally) carried a gun everyday – as a civilian in Illinois – since the late 1990s.

John also serves as editor emeritus of GunNews Magazine, Guns Save Life’s monthly journal with a circulation of roughly 20,000+ copies.

He’s also married to Wendy (Lund) Boch, a delightful woman who could do better.

He’s also got the reputation for being a terrible boat driver, tragically losing most of his guns and ammo in a series of boating accidents, including boats lost in the Gulf of Mexico, Lake Michigan and most recently, Lake Bloomington.

Tammy Williams, Executive Secretary