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About GSL

Guns Save Life is a regional civil rights organization that works
to educate the public about the benefits of firearm ownership.

The group had its origins as a county grassroots committee of the
Illinois State Rifle Association in about 1995, initially meeting
in Rantoul, and later holding its monthly meetings in the Jolly
Roger restaurant in Urbana, IL.

GSL was later incorporated as its own non-profit corporation and
today represent gun owners in Illinois, Indiana and beyond in
proactive grassroots activism promoting and defending firearm
rights and the civil right of self-defense.

Guns Save Life’s Mission statement:

To promote and educate the youth of America in the use of firearms
and gun safety.

To educate the population regarding the safe use of firearms and
the history of firearms as they shaped our country from the
pioneers through various wars to the present.

To promote and encourage shooting sports available to all who wish
to enjoy their benefits by offering hunter safety and marksmanship

To encourage the building of public shooting facilities to further
educate the general population and those in politics who lack the
knowledge of safe use of firearms and their importance to the
well-being of the general public.