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Mexican drug cartel sets up shop in Chicago!

February 14, 2013


More evidence the Mexican drug cartels are setting up shop in Chicago, as the Chicago Crime Commission dusts off its “PUBLIC ENEMY #1″ title and bestows it on Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman.

El Chapo apparently means short man and at 5′ 6″ he’s hardly a towering man, but he’s the head Mexican in charge of the Sinaloa cartel.

We’re not exactly sure why he’s so interested in Chicago, other than it must be a nice source of revenue from the Obama voters therein.

In any event, it’s more evidence that Chicago isn’t safe, something we at Guns Save Life have been telling folks for years.

If Guzman really has set up shop, then it’s just a matter of time until his “associates” are settling scores and killing people left and right, just as they do just south of the Rio Grande.

Chicago’s new Public Enemy No. 1: ‘El Chapo’

(CNN) — The Chicago Crime Commission named a new Public Enemy No. 1 on Thursday, a designation originally crafted for Al Capone. The new holder of this dubious distinction, however, is not American nor believed to be in the United States. He is Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, the infamous Mexican drug lord who is Chicago’s most wanted because his Sinaloa cartel supplies a majority of the narcotics in the city.

Not since Capone “has any criminal deserved this title more than Joaquin Guzman,” commission President J.R. Davis said in a news release. “Guzman is the major supplier of narcotics to Chicago. His agents are working in the Chicago area importing vast quantities of drugs for sale throughout the Chicago region and collecting and sending to Mexico tens of millions of dollars in drug money.”


Here’s what we can look forward to:




8 comments on “Mexican drug cartel sets up shop in Chicago!

  1. I will tell you why the Mexican drug cartel setting up in Chicago. Because the chief of police there is more worried about law abiding citizens having the right to carry concealed firearms than he is with the scum bags and gangsters. Think they had a problem before.

  2. I know, we can outlaw drugs and guns! That will keep them out of town.

  3. Charles Bronsen on said:

    Time for citizens to battle these crap piles themselves. If you live around them ,You can I.D. them ,make their lives bad.

  4. Did he get one of the new drivers licenes from Illinois? That way he can get insurance for his car.

  5. J Perez on said:

    pictures look like an awesome flea market or some kind of cool sale…

  6. I am a truck driver. How can I get a good paying job working for the cartel???. People in the states want to do drugs, I say let them. People only want what they can’t legally have. I love the us. Make drugs legal and the cartels will shut down. I am serious about the job.